What`s Your Drunk Personality Type?

Are you a Mary Poppins or a Mr Hyde? What are you like during a night on the sauce?


Brewery to launch Wu Tang Clan inspired beer

Dock Street Beer have announced they are aging their new golden beer by streaming the music of Wu Tang Clan.


Thai Curry – For Those Who Are Cold And In A Hurry!

Winter in the Winelands calls for curry and this is exactly what you can cook and enjoy at Tamatiestraat in Stellenbosch.


Are you a wine buff? Or just a wine bluffer?

According to a report in the independent.co.uk, a quarter of young drinkers claim to know more than they actually do. Are you one of them?


The Weirdest Things Beer Can Be Made Of

Craft beer is fast replacing mainstream beers, but are some craft brewers being a little too risqué with their ingredients?


This Decanter Uses Sound Waves to Make Your Wine Taste Better

If you’re inspired by a pitch video on a crowdsourcing site, you send some money. It’s not an investment; you don’t get rich if the invention becomes a hit. But you do get some memento — a T-shirt or a discounted version of the invention once it’s manufactured — and the rosy glow of knowing that you helped bring a cool idea to life.

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2 out of 3 consumers base wine purchases on labels

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.


10 Dirtiest Things Behind Every Bar

We’ve hit the streets, visited a wide range of bars, and spoke to the women and men behind the counters who divulged their pet peeves, observations, and professional issues regarding cleanliness.


Star Wars Bottle Stoppers

This is bound to keep your favourite bottle of plonk fresh, the Star Wars Wine Stoppers.


US chain adds boozy wine shakes to menu

Fancy a milkshake spiked with moscato? US restaurant chain, Red Robin seems to think you will.