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Booze you need to get your trick or treat on

What’s a truly scary situation?


Wall-Ye wine robot takes bow in Burgundy

A new vineyard worker is looking for a job in France.


The Greatest Scientific Breakthrough of Our Time Is This Drip-Free Wine Bottle

There are several ways to prevent those inevitable wine bottle drips from staining your tablecloth.


A Restaurant In Singapore Has Launched The World`s First Edible Cocktail Menu

The Tippling Club restaurant in Singapore has launched what it claims to be the world’s first edible cocktail menu based around dreams and desires.


5 French Foods You MUST Try Before You Die

There are one hundred and one very good reasons why France is famous for its food. If you’re extremely determined, you could make it your life’s ambition to find out about all of them. For now though, you only need to know about five of those reasons – five juicy, tasty, delicious reasons to adore France and everything that it stands for. Are you ready to go on a culinary adventure? Well okay – here’s a guide to five French foods that you absolutely MUST try before you die.

Author Bio: Pascale Wills has been a chef for eleven years. She recommends Chez Nous for top quality, affordable French holiday cottages. Pascale can usually be found getting mucky in the kitchen or hanging out with her two young sons.


5 Things you didn`t know you can do with beer

That beer in you fridge is good for a lot more than drinking.


For the love of bubbly and my country

I recently came across a British writer’s article on New World sparkling wines, particularly those made in the traditional method.


Get that drunk hairstyle look with this champagne based hairspray

Bathing in champagne might sound like the stuff of movies, but Cuvée Beauty founder Rachel Katzman found her hair thoroughly soaked after a particularly wild birthday weekend—and didn’t mind the results at all.


How to Make Prison Wine (Just in Case)

Maybe you’re getting ready for your friend’s annual Oz Christmas party,


Beloved garlic of mine, will you work with my glass of wine?

A Braai Broodjie is a very South African thing.