10 Things every woman should know about wine

Too often, when we sit down for dinner at a great restaurant, the server hands the wine list to the man and expects him to make all the decisions about drinking.


Can Tea Help Save the Amazon?

In the lush green rainforest of the Ecuadorean Amazon, members of the Kichwa indigenous group gather well before dawn to drink guayusa tea.


Drunken Mistakes To Avoid

Most of us enjoy a drink now and again and many of us indulge in more than just a few most Friday and Saturday nights.


Did The Rolling Stones Really Discover the Tequila Sunrise?

It’s long been said that The Rolling Stones played a big role in making the Tequila Sunrise a popular drink, but did they really discover it? Legend has it the band was drinking at The Trident, a San Francisco bar in the early 1970s, when a bartender handed them what he called a Tequila Sunrise, a drink made with orange juice, grenadine, and Jose Cuervo.


A spiked sweet treat – Prosecco-Raspberry Gelée

This prosecco- and orange blossom-infused masterpiece is the perfect fancy dinner party dessert, impressing your guests with its beauty, and impressing their taste buds with its fresh, bright, intoxicating flavors.


Easter Party Ideas for Adults

Party plans for the Easter weekend? To be honest, Easter is not really known for being a wild party holiday like St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras.

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5 Things to know about Vodka in Poland

Drinks writer Laura Studarus has never been a fan of vodka. In her latest article for Paste Magazine, Laura admits that her perception of the liquor changed after visiting Poland on a couple of occasions.


The Best Banana Bread

The recipe was inspired by a FOOD & WINE recipe for Cinnamon Banana Bread.


How Gin Came to Be Known as the Big Bad Wolf of the Spirits World

Despite the ubiquity of craft cocktails, many myths still exist about alcohol and its effects—myths which often inform, or limit, the choices imbibers make during a night out.


Yeah Science, Bitch. Drinking Tequila Is Good For Your Bones According To Science

Tequila is great for a lot things – especially making tasty Margaritas – but according to new research, it could also be good for your bones.