What Exactly Are Craft Spirits?

With the recent explosion of premium Gin on the spirits scene, we take a look at what exactly it is, and what else you should be trying.


Discover the magic of the Oude Molen Distillery

Modern in appearance, with a legacy steeped in South African brandy history, the quietly unassuming Oude Molen Distillery will leave you with new perspectives and an unrivaled sense of peace.


Groot Constantia enters the Brandy market with VSOP

Groot Constantia, the oldest Wine Estate in South Africa, has emphatically entered the Cape Brandy fray with style, finesse and one very fine VSOP.


A New Dawn for Brandy

A global awakening of interest in craft distilled spirits is drastically changing the landscape for brandy, one of the oldest and most noble of them all.

Premium Brandy Brand
Cape Brandy
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Artisinally crafted in the traditional style of French Cognac with a uniquely South African signature, Cape Brandy offers a little bit extra to premium spirits connoisseur. Produced only from wine made with grapes grown in the Cape Wine growing regions.