Eating chocolate cake first thing in the morning could help you LOSE weight, according to researchers

Eating chocolate cake first thing in the morning could actually help you LOSE weight, according to researchers.


Sip with caution! Every Extra Pint of Beer Takes 15 Minutes Off Your Life

Strap in for this pintful of bad news….

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The foods you should never eat

You may have heard this phrase before, “There are no good or bad foods — there are only bad diets” and on the whole this is true.


How To Make ‘The World`s Most Powerful Vegan Post Workout Smoothie

Every ingredient in this smoothie is important and beneficial for muscle recovery, repair, endurance and overall athletic performance.


Pass The Bottle! Vodka Is Actually Great For Your Health

Vodka was made for so much more than mules and martinis.


Start Your Day Off Right With This Filling Green Smoothie

Some days you want a smoothie, but frozen mangos on their own just aren’t enough. So what exactly do you put in the blender to keep you going until lunch?


Drinking Coffee May Help With The Early Diagnosis Of Parkinson’s

The healthful effects of coffee are far-reaching, to the point that every time a new benefit is found, I have to scour old articles (that I’ve written) to see if Sprudge has already reported on it.


Understanding What to Drink During Your Workout

Workouts are all about sweating, which means losing water from the body. According to science, our bodies are made of not less than 60 percent water. We should work hard to make sure that the percentage does not go lower than this for optimum functionality. During workouts, the body requires water to regulate the body temperature, lubricate the joints and control the functioning of the tissues. Bodybuilders and athletes need a lot of fluids to ensure that dianabol or any other enhancement gear they use works well. So, let us see what you need to drink during the workouts.


Hibiscus tea could lower your blood pressure

HIGH blood pressure symptoms can be difficult to spot, but in extreme cases, it can cause chest pain and severe headaches. You could lower your hypertension risk by drinking three cups of Hibiscus tea, a study claimed.


Yeah Science, Bitch. Drinking Tequila Is Good For Your Bones According To Science

Tequila is great for a lot things – especially making tasty Margaritas – but according to new research, it could also be good for your bones.