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Rosé wine gets its own Insta-museum

All over the world, insta-museums are popping up like perfectly cropped pastel-filtered snaps in your feed and egocentric Instagrammers can’t get enough of these art installations that celebrate everything from ice-cream to eggs.


Chicken with Green Sauce

From our Cape Winelands Cuisine cookbook, page 95


How to remove coffee stains from almost anything

While the pain of losing a precious cup of coffee and few moments of peace can seem to last an eternity, cleaning up the mess doesn’t have to! 


Best alcoholic beverages to drink while watching sports

For many of us, cheering on our favourite sports team is often accompanied by a few drinks.


Queensland Id Scanners Have Banned Drinker Detection Rate Of Just One In 26,000

Data obtained by the ABC shows Queensland's costly and time-consuming ID scanning program in nightlife hotspots are barely finding anyone trying to enter venues illegally.


Spaghetti Alla Bottarga


What Egg Labels Really Mean

A no-nonsense guide to what the labels on your egg carton actually tell you.


Japanese Condiments With Confidence

Order with confidence at your local Japanese restaurant (and avoid the awkward napkin spit) with this rundown on which flavourful additions are worth taking.


Adam Liaw’s Beef Rendang

Chef and television host Adam Liaw shares his family recipe for fragrant beef rendang, made with fresh turmeric, galangal and ginger and caramelised coconut.


Little Khmer Kitchen: Cambodian The Way Mom Makes

CityMag meets with Sreymom Lund ? or Mom, as she’s better known ? in early October, after five days of hurried renovations. On the Sunday before our visit, Mom was handed the keys to the former Gour


New Colorimetric Test Has Potential

Researchers have developed a colorimetric tool with the potential to minimise white wine spoilage during production caused by excess copper.


Events This Week: Terravita, Sparkcon

Lots of events happening this week. Here are our picks to help get you through the workweek.


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