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Mystery Surrounds Sudden Closure Of Otley Brewery ? Beer Today

The sudden closure of Pontypridd-based Otley Brewing Co was announced yesterday, with staff as much in the dark about the reasons as its loyal drinkers


8 Things You Had No Idea Weren’t Vegan… And The Alternatives You Can Try

What do you mean prosecco isn't necessarily vegan?


Waitrose Is Selling An Avocado Easter Egg For Millennial Chocolate Lovers

Spoiler: It's chocolate.


Domaine Georges Roumier: Profile And Wine Ratings

This is one of Burgundy's greatest domaines and Christophe Roumier is one of its most intelligent and knowledgeable winemakers. 


Hero Proposes To His Girlfriend In Greggs On Valentine’s Day

Nothing says everlasting love like popping the question over a steak bake.


La Trade To Taste The World?s Greatest Grenaches

The Los Angeles wine trade is invited to taste the world?s greatest Grenaches on Thursday this week as part of a US roadshow focused on Grenache, in partnership with Yangarra Estate.


Champagne Releases Official Shipment Figures For 2017

The final figures for Champagne shipments for 2017 were released on Friday showing total sales of 307.3 million bottles, slightly lower than estimates reported last month by db.


The Laughing Heart Restaurant, London

Fiona Beckett gives her verdict on The Laughing Heart restaurant...

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