This Company Has Been Making Ethical Vegan ‘baileys’ For Years

It's nut-free and way stronger. Just sayin'.


Animals In Smoothies Bowls Is The Edible Art You Never Knew You Needed

They're all deliciously vegan.


Forget Chocolates And Flowers, You Can Now Gift Your Mates A Domino’s Gift Card

Yay for free pizza!


6 Common Dilemmas Faced By Vegans

Should you stop visiting the zoo?


Disneyland Is Now Selling Ice Cream Topped With Bat Wing Biscuits

It's part of their Halloween offering.


Fizzy Milk Might Be The Next Big Food Trend

Milk producers are trying to make the drink cool again.


Nigella Lawson Says That Instagram And Smoothie Bowls Are A Load Of Crap

'I feel I have to remind people...stews are brown and brown food tastes the best.'


The Best Street Food In New York Is From This Nigerian Vendor

Proof that West African cuisine is the bomb - whichever continent you're in.


Marks & Spencer Has Just Launched A Delivery Dinner Service

Bye Uber Eats, hello Dine in for £10.


Vegan Recipe: Pumpkin Streusel Muffins

Celebrate the start of pumpkin season by making these gorgeous vegan pumpkin streusel muffins.

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