8 Things You Had No Idea Weren’t Vegan… And The Alternatives You Can Try

What do you mean prosecco isn't necessarily vegan?


Waitrose Is Selling An Avocado Easter Egg For Millennial Chocolate Lovers

Spoiler: It's chocolate.


Hero Proposes To His Girlfriend In Greggs On Valentine’s Day

Nothing says everlasting love like popping the question over a steak bake.


This Vegan Mayo Is Made With Waste Water From Hummus Factories

Mayo with a side of sustainability.


Brick Lane Is Getting Its First Ever Vegan Curry Menu

Papadum preach.


12 Gluten-free Products You Can Find In Chinese Supermarkets

Last-minute gluten-free essentials.


Biscoff Ice Cream Is A Thing And Pass Us A Spoon Immediately

This looks amazing.


Chicken Nuggets And Chips Ramen Is Now A Thing

Chicken nuggets ramen is like my family.


Cadbury Has Recalled Those Ridiculously Hyped Caramilk Bars

Not feeling so mug now, are ya?


Does Veganism Go Against Muslim Beliefs?

The 1.8 billion Muslims around the world have many different views on it.

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