Miami Smokers Is All About Meat. So Why Are They Competing In A Vegan Cook Off?

Miami Smokers, notorious for its cured meats, is going full out vegan — if just for the night — in a Seed Food and Wine Festival barbecue competition.


Pairing Wine With Hurricanes In Miami

Hurricane season isn't over, Miami. Here's what you need to know about wine before, during and after the storms.


Crystal Pepsi Throwback Tour Is Bringing Liquid Failure And ’90s Swag To Miami

Bring out your door knocker earrings, nameplate necklaces and favorite '90s gear because Crystal Pepsi is back! Its free concert tour features '90s era artists.


Dom Perignon Now Delivers In Miami. We’re Never Leaving The House Again.

Now you can get the finest champagne delivered to your front door and never even put on pants.


Can You Stomach A Greyjoy Sausage? This Wynwood Diner Is Launching A ‘game Of Thrones’ Menu

Calling all foodies and cocktail enthusiasts from throughout the seven kingdoms!


A $400 Seafood Platter And A Champagne Parade For $8,640? This Restaurant’s Luxury Menu Is Making Us Feel Poor.

Everybody needs caviar. And who doesn't want to spend $12,000 on a big bottle of wine?


Drink Rosé All Day At Smith & Wollensky

The bar Smith & Wollensky The vibe Having just undergone an extensive renovation, including a new overlook deck with waterfront views, Smith & Wollensky has served as a Miami Beach staple for


Upgrade Your Thursday Night With Rum And Cigars At This Classy Social Hour

Want to know what goes well with a full tumbler of delicious rum? How about a nice cigar? Get them both, paired perfectly this Thursday night at Bar Centro in the SLS South Beach's Social Night.  On


5 things you`re doing wrong when you drink tequila

Odds are, you’ve been drinking tequila wrong — and drinking the wrong tequila. Bertha González Nieves, co-founder and CEO of Tequila Casa Dragones, shares her top 5 tips for doing it the right way.

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