Womxn In Coffee: A Panel Discussion At Seattle’s General Porpoise

Womxn In Coffee takes place Thursday, October 18th at General Porpoise In Seattle.


Intellectual Property In Coffee: Who Really Owns The Story?

Part Three of Jenn Chen's look into intellectual property in coffee.


Starbucks Announces Care@work, A Subsidized Backup Care Program

Employees have access to 10 days of $1/hour in-home backup child and adult care and $5/day in-center child care.


What’s On At The 2018 New York Coffee Festival

What to expect when you're expecting to attend the 2018 New York Coffee Festival.


Able Brewing Acquired By Mark Hellweg, Founder Of Ratio & Clive Coffee

The announcement came via Instagram post.


Intellectual Property In Coffee: A Global Game Of Clones

Part Two of Jenn Chen's deep dive into intellectual property in coffee.


Jameson Wants To Coffee Up That Whiskey For You

Only 3,000 bottles of Jameson Cold Brew were produced.


The New Rules Of Coffee East Coast Book Tour!

The New Rules of Coffee Book Tour makes seven stop in three cities along the east coast.


Kick Off The New York Coffee Festival With A Coffee Disco

Coffee Disco takes place Friday, October 12th at Sey Coffee in Bushwick.


Intellectual Property In Coffee: Imitation Is No Longer Flattering

The first of a three-part series on intellectual property as it relates to coffee.

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