Hurricane Irma Sparks Rescue Mission for Rare Wines

When news broke that the catastrophic and deadly Hurricane Irma would begin slamming Florida this weekend, some residents hired emergency response teams to safely evacuate their expensive wine collections, according to Reuters.


This Whisky Flight At New York?s St. Regis Costs $700

Currently offered at the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis in New York City, The Dalmore Experience is a flight of legendary The Dalmore whiskies. Including the 18 Year, King Alexander III, 25 Year, and


Exercise Makes People Drink More Booze, Study Claims

Bootcamps can be tough — maybe everyone is drinking to forget? We’re not really sure why, but one study shows that on days when people exercise, they tend to drink more.


Celebrate summer all year long with this Dirty Iced Tea

Everyone has an idea of what an alcoholic iced tea is and it usually begins and ends with Long Island. This cocktail recipe has all of those flavours in a brand new package.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Is as Good for Your Dog as It Is for You

Apple cider vinegar has been a popular choice among the health food community for quite some time, but could the benefits of this magic liquid extend to your furry, four-legged friends?


The Reason Tonic Water Glows in the Dark

If you were to look at a gin and tonic (or vodka and tonic, or anything with tonic, for that matter) under ultraviolet light, you might be surprised to see it glow — and you might naturally wonder what produces the eerie effect.


Chappellet: A Secluded Napa Valley Gem

Located up on Pritchard Hill in a part of Napa Valley that?s far enough from the hustle and bustle that it seems like another world, Chappellet has been producing excellent wine since its founding 50


The Legend Is Still Relevant: Robert Mondavi Winery

Robert Mondavi Winery 2014 Cabernet S


101 Best Wineries In America 2017

When Leif Erikson dubbed the North American coast "Vinland" or "Winland" back around 1000 A.D., he may or may not have meant to call our continent a land of vines (linguists say the term might also ha


Karen Cakebread Does It Her Way At Ziata Wines

Karen Cakebread Does It Her Way at ZIATA Wines

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