Dubbel-edged Sword: Belgians Drink Less Of Their Beer But Exports Rise

Twice as much beer made in Belgium is being exported as drank by domestic consumers


Uk Summer Barbecues Threatened By Shortage Of Carbon Dioxide

Meat packers and makers of fizzy drinks and beers may struggle to obtain CO2


The Yeast From The East: Six Wines To Try From Eastern Europe

Wine drinkers are looking further afield to beat price rises in more prestigious regions, and there are rich pickings to be found in countries such as Slovenia, Greece and Turkey


The 20 Best Summer Wines For 2018

Something dry and fresh for fish or ripe and red for a barbecue? For best value booze and high street bargains, the Observer’s wine expert is on the case


Gin Genies

The gin boom shows no sign of letting up any time soon


Cocktail Of The Week: First Of The Summer Wine

The good mixer A long gin and port cocktail with port that’s essentially a super-charged G&T


British Consumers Develop Taste For East European Wines

Majestic Wine says drinkers are turning to good-value wines from new markets to offset price rises


Has Wine Gone Bad? – Podcast

‘Natural wine’ advocates say everything about the modern industry is ethically, ecologically and aesthetically wrong – and have triggered the biggest split in the wine world for a generation

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A Local’s Guide To Havana, Cuba: 10 Top Tips

Cuba’s capital is changing and much of the cutting-edge art and new wave of restaurants is in characterful districts away from the much-visited old city


Red Wines For Summer

A trio of fresh and fashionable red wines to enjoy in the sunshine, by David Williams

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