8 Wine Accessories Every True Wine Lover Should Own

From the necessities of a good corkscrew to the wants of a champagne emoji sweatshirt, these are the must-have accessories that all wine lovers should own.


Best Practices: 6 Do?s And Dont?s For Making A Great Bloody Mary

Do?s and don?t for making a great Bloody Mary. Read our best practices for how to make a Bloody Mary now!


Hop Take: Calm Down Everyone, Craft Beer Prices Aren?t Spiking

Calm down, there's no Canadian barley crisis; craft brewers need to be more sustainable, though; and Kirin is ditching beer for health drinks.


Ab Inbev Wants To Sell You A Keurig For Pre-mixed Cocktails

In the age of instant-everything, cocktails, beer, and cider are about to receive a quick, Keurig-powered makeover. Read more here.


Pappy Thanksgiving: This Bar Is Giving Away Its Pappy Van Winkle Stock For Cheap

Lexington, Ky.'s Chevy Chase Inn is selling drams of its Pappy Van Winkle stock for a fraction of the price on November 18.


Three Ways You’re Drinking Scotch Wrong. And One Easy Fix!

Read our guide to learn how to drink Scotch for beginners. We break down 3 ways that you're drinking your Scotch wrong if you're new to this smoky spirit!


Hungary’s Sweet ‘wine Of Kings’ Is Getting A Crisp, 21st-century Makeover

Acidic, mineral-rich dry Furmint is experiencing a renaissance in Hungary. Here's everything you need to know about Tokaj's lesser-known wine.


Charted: America’s Biggest Brewers By Decade, From 1950 To Now

Big beer has gotten bigger throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. We charted the top-producing brewers by barellage from 1950 to today. Learn who is the biggest brewer in the world by decade with thi


Pabst Lawsuit Claims Millercoors Will Put It Out Of Business

Pabst Brewing has officially taken MillerCoors to court in a battle over PBR's very existence. Our Magic 8 Ball says, "outlook not so good."


Guinness Releases Its First-ever Barrel-aged Stout

Guinness is launching a line of barrel-aged beers at its Baltimore, Md. brewery. The first is a stout aged in Bulleit Bourbon barrels.

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