16 Liquor Brands Rich Africans Like Best

A study into the tastes of rich Africans says cognac and tequila are the top choices, beating out both high-end red wines and champagne.


The Early History Of Alcohol Retail In The Cape


Drunk Driving To Be Elevated To Murder Category


7 Things Bartenders Do That Piss Off Their Non-bartender Friends

We like doing shots a little too much.


London Hotel Launches Room Deal That Comes With Unlimited Champagne

A luxury London hotel is set to leave its guests fizzing with joy – because it has introduced room deals that include an all-you-can-drink supply of champagne.


Vegan Food and Wine Pairing

0shares 0Share 0Tweet 0Google+ 0Pin 0Print 0EmailThis wine, for that dish So much wine, so little time. Here are some standout vegan-friendly wines to try this November in celebration of World Vegan M


Walking And Wine-tasting Is Heaven On Earth

Go on a guided nature walk led by resident conservationist and botanist Frank Woodvine at the Bouchard and Finlayson wine estate.


Mr D And Checkers Liquor Partner To Deliver Alcohol Straight To Your Door

Mr D Food and Checkers have announced a partnership where customers can now order and have alcohol delivered to their doorstep.


New Study Reveals That Drinking Just One Energy Drink Narrows Blood Vessels In 90 Minutes

With an all-nighter on the horizon and the idea of brewing a coffee too much to handle at that particular point, many of my university days were spent with a six-pack (or more) of Red Bull by my side.


9 Things A Bartender Would Never Be Caught Dead Doing In A Bar

Ask for a fruity cocktail.

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